A Room with a Smashing View

A Room with a Smashing View 

Posted: 12:44 pm Thursday, September 20th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo

Keith Moon_rage room

So there’s a rec center in Chicago that has something called a ‘Rage Room’ in which you pay money to demolish a room to your liking with your choice of sledgehammers, golf clubs and baseball bats, among other household weapons of destruction.

One need look no further than the Michael Jordan of smashing hotel rooms to see how the pros do it, Keith Moon, as seen in this clip from the 1977 Rolling Stone Anniversary special.

**By the way, I included this next video just because it’s Keith Moon acting alongside Mae West and Timothy Dalton. This looks like a shit movie and I think I need to watch it!

You can also smash fax machines in this rage room, the inspiration of which I’m convinced came from one of my all time favorite movies.