From Tommy to Jimmy

From Tommy to Jimmy 

Posted: 2:40 pm Thursday, October 11th, 2018

By Pete Rizzo


“Love is lovelier the second time around”

This Sammy Cahn lyric may have been what Pete Townshend was banking on when he unveiled his second rock opera for The Who, “Quadrophenia”, which came out 45 years ago this month.

Critics loved this whopper of an album. Playing it live, however, did not come without some bumps along the way whether they were technical (backing tape issues during some shows) or medicinal (Keith Moon passing out after taking a few tranquilizers too many the first night of the US tour).

What’s more, there was quite a bit of strife among the band themselves during this time.

Nonetheless, there are some excellent tunes off”Quadrophenia”, with these serving as my favorites:

And like its deaf, dumb and blind predecessor, “Quadrophenia” spawned a film with a rather familiar face as scooter-riding Mod extraordinaire Ace Face!