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Monday’s “Eclipse” Pink Floyd-worthy

  • 2:27 pm Friday, August 18th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Bonnie Tyler will be singing her classic hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” aboard, fittingly, a Total Eclipse Cruise on Monday as the sun fades away into total darkness.

This after famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson took Pink Floyd to task over the validity of both their album title “Dark Side of the Moon” and Gerry O’Driscoll’s final spoken words on the album (“there is no dark side of the moon,…it’s all dark”).

To which I say (all due respect to you, Mr. Tyson) WHO CARES?! It’s still one of the best closers of any album. And equal respect in kind, [More]

RIP Le Studio

  • 1:12 pm Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

What an egregious final nail in the coffin for one of rock’s most legendary recording  studios!

Le Studio is gone once and for all due to a fishy fire that police are looking into as a possible arson.  But the sad truth is that Le Studio had been dying a slow and painful death in recent years despite numerous efforts to resuscitate it.

Le Studio has been called “Rush’s Abbey Road” with good reason as the Holy Triumvirate have recorded many of their landmark albums there, perhaps most well-known among them their most successful one, “Moving Pictures”.

The Police also recorded one of [More]

The Dream Tour that was Anything But

  • 1:32 pm Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

So far it’s been rave reviews for Metallica and Guns N Roses and their respective tours (I can personally attest to an awesome Metallica gig at the new Coliseum back in April).  25 years ago, however, was an entirely different story.

Both Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses were firing on all cylinders back then thanks to two mega-successful albums. So the idea of teaming both of them on tour was a no-brainer.

On paper, it was a dream tour. In real life, it turned out to be anything but. It all came to a rather grisly head on August 8, 1992 when [More]

Even Big Shots Can Engender Goodwill

  • 1:40 pm Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Axl Rose’s goodwill tour rolled through Minnesota this past week and this time the benefactor was Long Island’s own Billy Joel. Axl found time between his pseudo-reunion tour with Slash, Duff and the rest of Guns ‘N’ Roses to sit in with the Piano Man on a recent stadium show

“Highway to Hell” was no surprise as Axl sang it with ACDC when subbing for Brian Johnson during their last tour, plus it’s a rare cover that Billy likes to play during his own live gig. It was their tandem on the classic “Big Shot” that I just loved.

This is not the [More]

Thank you for flying Air Freddie

  • 2:53 pm Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Always larger than life on a concert stage, Freddie Mercury will stay true to that image thanks to an airline from Norway.

Two Norwegian Airlines planes will traverse the world with Freddie Mercury’s face on them in a nod to what would have been his 71st birthday on September 5. This after Roger, Brian and Adam Lambert introduced a new live 3D experience of their tour called “VR the Champions”.

And mere weeks after Brian May talked about the new Queen version of Monopoly.

Do The Who Still Got it? You Better You Bet!

  • 9:13 am Friday, July 21st, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Rock is dead, my ass! Need proof?! Look no further than The Who’s spirited appearance on Jimmy Fallon a few nights ago.

Roger still looks fit and trim enough to kick ass figuratively and literally, plus his voice sounds in top form. And Pete, still too cool for it all, playing at his wind milling best as they tore through “You Better You Bet” and one of my all-time favorite tunes of theirs, “I Can See For Miles”.

I know you talked about scaling back your live appearance, boys, but we’re really in no rush to see you leave. Keep showing most [More]

A Def Journey over a decade in the (re)making

  • 12:25 pm Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Already known for being road dogs, Def Leppard may do some more gigging next year with a band they last teamed with over a decade ago.

Word is the Leps might do some shows in 2018 with Journey. First word came from Ross Valory before a recent show and now Vivian Campbell confirmed that both sides are talking.

If it happens, this would be their first jaunt together since 2006 when the Leps were touring behind their underrated covers disc, “Yeah”, and the first with Arnel Pineda at the helm for Journey.

They last came to town together for a show at [More]

RIP David Z

  • 8:17 am Saturday, July 15th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Terrible news about the guys in Adrenaline Mob, who are out on the road touring behind their kickass new album, “We The People”. Love and prayers go out to the late David Z, his loved ones and the rest of the Mob family.

FROM LOUDWIRE – “Tragic news to report, as Adrenaline Mob were involved in a fatal vehicle crash near Micanopy, Fla., where they were on their way to St. Petersburg. It’s now known that the band’s bassist David Z passed away, with several injured.”

“Three of the injured were listed in critical condition and three were in stable in condition. [More]

Collen All Guitarists!

  • 2:10 pm Thursday, July 13th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Who knows what Def Leppard’s classic album “Pyromania” may have sounded like with Pete Willis still in the band? Hindsight being 20/20, it doesn’t matter much now because his replacement helped make it a seminal success.

Willis’ drinking was so out of control midway through recording “Pyromania” that it was affecting his ability to play. So Joe Elliott gave Willis what he once called the ‘Spanish Archer’ – “EL-BOW”. The truth is they had their sights on his replacement months prior. His name, Phil CollenAnd boy did he deliver! In fact, it was his solo in “Photograph” that [More]

More Queen/ David Bowie tuneage?! No ‘pressure’!

  • 2:06 pm Thursday, July 13th, 2017 by Pete Rizzo

Amazing what a meal and some drinks can do! In the case of Queen and David Bowie, it helped yield one of rock and roll’s greatest duets.

35 years ago, Queen and The Thin White Duke got together on a spur of the moment and began jamming away what would ultimately become the classic “Under Pressure”.

And now comes word that there may be some more odds and ends from that inspired session that may come out in the not too distant futureCredit John Deacon for coming up with the legendary bass line! And an assist from [More]